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Low-Key Features in Tacoma

Monday, 09 August 2021 19:30

by Matt Wakefield

Sometimes it’s the things below the surface that make a hotel the perfect place for your stay, or your meeting.

Glass art bowling pin Picmonkey

It's the things you never thought to ask about that turn out to be the things you remembered the most. Here are some of our favorites, semi-hidden in plain sight around Tacoma.

Many hotels have pools. Some have outdoor pools. Some have outdoor pools with lounge and event space. The Marriott Tacoma Downtown has all that, and expansive views of Mount Rainier and the Downtown Tacoma Waterfront. It's (debatably) the best view from downtown Tacoma.

The glass art in the hallways of Hotel Murano

At Hotel Murano, in addition to their displays of glass art from Murano, Italy as well as contemporary glass art in the lobby, each floor has a unique piece from a renowned glass artist. You can take a glass art tour just by going floor to floor! (Also, their gift shop is full of curated goodness, filled with art and crafts exclusively from local artisans.)

Secret Elks Tempke bar in Tacoma Picmonkey


Literally a secret bar at Elks Temple

McMenamins is famous for both their attention to detail, and for going big with features and surprises. And just when you think you've picked your favorite of the four Elks Temple bars (that's one bar per 11.25 guest rooms, for those keeping track), you find out there's a fifth bar, and it's hidden. If you can figure out the right place to push on the right wall, The Vault is open for you, and you should reward yourself with a drink or two.

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