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Cherry, Cheese & Wine Pairing

Tuesday, 25 May 2021 13:52
Cherry, Cheese & Wine Pairing Photo: Chelan Fresh

By B.J. Shepherd

Washington is just coming into its fresh cherry season.

Of course, there are many ways to use canned, frozen and dried cherries, but we looked for a recipe to show off this all-too-briefly-available fruit in its fresh persona. At the website of Chelan Fresh  we came across the following suggestion created for them by Meg Raines. We thought, “Why not keep things simple?” Perhaps the following idea could be considered a recipe, but there’s no cooking involved—just a little assembling. This three-way pairing could be the highlight of a picnic or be a simple way to brighten an afternoon relaxing in your backyard.

Meg’s Cherry, Cheese & Wine Pairing shows off the sweet, pure taste of dark cherries and allows them to shine in the company of other good things. If you feel like expanding the suggested cheese selections, go ahead. Be adventurous. The dry rosé idea sounds good to us. Look for a bottle of Barnard Griffin Rosé of Sangiovese, an outstanding wine that you can pick up for about $15.

Dark Sweet Cherries

Cheese Pairing

Soft, creamy cheeses will pair well with the sweet, juiciness in the cherries. Try a mild goat cheese, or Bel Gioioso’s fresh mozzarella mini cheese snacking balls, they are the perfect size for a picnic!

Wine Pairing

An off-dry Rosé with berry notes will compliment ripe cherries and soft mild tasting cheeses without overwhelming the palate. Make sure its well-chilled!

**For festive presentation pit and slice your cherries, then macerate them with a splash of the Rosé, a drizzle of honey and some fresh thyme leaves, serve over your favorite goat cheese.

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