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Champagne and Chicken Feet ?

Thursday, 23 June 2016 19:29

By Dan Clarke

Recently we came across a delightful video of Simon Tam, Head of Wine at the Hong Kong branch of Christie’s, the British auction house.

As he explained the pairing of Champagne with a couple of Hong Kong specialties, I was reminded of an event some years ago when Bob Austin, a contributor to the predecessor of Taste Washington Travel, organized an ambitious dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area .

My friend Bob asked the chef/owner of the place to begin considering dishes for a varied menu. Meanwhile, Bob and I set out to assemble a broad array of wines.

Our wines were Californian, not French as in the Christie video, but there were more of them. Bob and I secured quite a variety of white and red varietals and he worked with the chef to produce a 14 or 15-course tasting menu that would pair well with each of those wines. Included were representative dishes of several of the eight great cuisines of China. We may have broken some new ground that evening. It was a fusion before that word became trendy in culinary circles. Most of us won’t be asking a sommelier for wines to pair with our chicken feet or fish skin, but Mr. Tam’s comments in the video below may be helpful whatever is on your plate:

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