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December 9, 2016 Wine Pick of the Week

Wednesday, 07 December 2016 22:46

DeLille D2 bottle 2 Picmonkey

2014 D2


DeLille Cellars

Columbia Valley (WA)

Alcohol: 14.3%

Suggested Retail: $ 45

“D2 is a Merlot-based red wine from DeLille Cellars. Though the winery is located in Woodinville on Washington’s westside, the grapes are sourced from the Columbia Valley in the state’s southeast and nearly half of them (47%) are from the prestigious Red Mountain AVA. Merlot comprises 58% of this Bordeaux blend and Cabernet Sauvignon 36% with Cabernet Franc (5%) and Petit Verdot (1%) completing the mix.

“It is a deep and powerful wine with layered flavors. Wine descriptors often include phrases like ‘red fruits’ and ‘black fruits,’ which can be subdivided with more specific subsets of these categories.  Our own tasting notes mention blackberries and raspberries and allude to possible other fruit aspects of the 2014 D2 personality. Subsequent to our tasting we accessed tasting notes from the winery, which offered more comprehensive commentary.  They mention ‘a presence of . . .  black olive and cedar,’ observations with which we certainly agree. Our blackberry and raspberry aspects are repeated in DeLille’s description of this wine, along with ‘cranberries, pomegranates, black cherries and marionberries.’ Some of these latter possibilities seem reasonable, as flavors akin to cranberries and pomegranates can provide tart, yet still fruity, contributions beyond the sweetness of fully-ripened berries.

“Savoring wine is much more pleasurable when the taste gives you multiple dimensions. Such is the case with the 2014 D2 from DeLille Cellars. Additional to the tastes evoking the aforementioned fruits, there an almost ineffable quality—maybe like a very subtle spiciness? In describing aspects to a wine’s personality, reviewers often struggle and wind up saying the kind of inane things that invite parody.  Of course, we want preserve our dignity and avoid that situation. We can liken something in this wine to that of the ‘Rutherford Dust’ found in many red wines (mostly Cabernet Sauvignon) from the Rutherford AVA in the middle of the Napa Valley.  While few of us could describe the smell of dust (and fewer still its taste), this ‘Rutherford Dust’ is an accepted way of describing a near-ethereal part of the taste of Rutherford Cabs. There’s something in the D2 that is a little bit like that. But not exactly.  In any case, we think this is a fine bottle of wine that’s well worth its $45 retail price.”

Food Affinity: “Something special is called for. A slowly-roasted, dry-aged prime rib might be pricey but certainly would pair nicely.”

Editor’s Note:  Wines reviewed in Taste Washington Travel are encountered by our staff in several ways. They can be discovered at trade tastings or visits to wineries. They may also be purchased by staff members for their own tables or be those sent by wineries for possible review. This is an editorial feature, not advertising, and appearance cannot be secured by payment. More information can be had by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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