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Wine and Extraterrestrials

Monday, 06 March 2017 09:25

Winetourismspain Space Alien Picmonkey

TASTE News Service, March 6, 2017 -- Winetourismspain.com, a travel portal that specializes in wine and food travel in Spain has launched a short story contest in which participants are requested to write about how they imagine extraterrestrial life would react to their discovery of wine on Earth.

Earlier this year, NASA announced that it is only a matter of time until life will be found on other planets in our universe. This news opens up many questions and, for wine lovers, the possible existence of wine elsewhere is an interesting one.  This new short story contest from Winetourismspain.com sets the stage in Spain. Aliens arrive somewhere in Spain and wine plays an important role.

Short story writing contest winetourismspain.com 2017, aliens and wine.

"With our contest, we wanted to put wine in the center of an encounter with extraterrestrial life. Wine has a lot to say about human nature and we thought it a good idea to encourage writers to think about the possible relationship between wine and aliens. We are sure that there will be many surprises in the way people imagine this encounter and also that our visitors will enjoy the reading...most likely with a glass of wine in their hand," says Luis Lechuga, director at Winetourismspain.com.

The travel portal believes that wine could play an important role in a possible future encounter with different worlds. "We tend to have a very limited image of what to expect from extraterrestrial life. Most images limit themselves to guns and threats, while the real interesting part is thinking about their possible routines and the small things that shape their daily lives..."

This is the first short story contest launched by Winetourismspain.com in the English language, following a very successful short story contest in Spanish.

More information can be found at www.winetourismspain.com.


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