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Wednesday, 15 August 2018 13:52

Staropramen lager bottle Picmonkey

Staropramen Premium


Staropramen Brewery

Prague, Czech Republic

Style: light lager

Alcohol: 5%

IBUs: unknown

Serving style: bottles -- .5L, .33L and draught

Availability: year-round, worldwide

Appearance:  “I’d say that it’s mostly pale gold and its head is like a cloud of fluffy white foam.”

Aroma:   ”There doesn’t seem to be a really powerful nose. There’s a bit of hoppiness evident and it seems vaguely fruity.”

Taste:   “There’s good carbonation. I get a lot of malt and just a little fruity hoppiness at first. It finishes cleanly, but leaves a lingering feeling of hoppy bitterness (in a good way).”

Food Affinity:   “I think people in Prague eat a lot of ducks and a lot of pork, but I don’t have any good Czech recipes. Maybe something like a schnitzel?  If we’re talking American food, I’d say seafood—especially if it were in a batter. Maybe prawns in a good beer batter with cole slaw.”


      --Guest reviewer Eddie Gallagher sells kitchen equipment to restaurants


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